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Darren Kurururgi

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Darren Kurururgi Empty Darren Kurururgi

Post by LadyKura on Wed Oct 06, 2010 5:40 pm


Darren Kurururgi (DARE-en) "great"


Kurururgi Clan

Wind; air


Darren's hair is a bright red color, a darker shade at the roots. His hair is somewhat spikey and fans out around his face, its length about to the center of his neck.

Narrow, and a sweet burgundy color


A dark uniform, unbuttoned and collared with a dark red velvet texture. He usually keeps his red silk tie tied loosely around his neck, accentuated with his button of placement at the academy. His shoes are comfortable and soft-textured. He seems to dote on them often. They were a gift to him from his adoptive mother.

Darren Kurururgi Dane10


Darren is a quiet individual and does not say much, but many know not to piss him off. As one of Kururugri Clan's elite disciples, Darren has a discliplined, regal manner in his behavior. His quietness doesn't mean he is shy, he just prefers not to say anything unless absolutely necessary.

Although he is often harsh to the people around him, Darren's snappish nature is a part of his protective quality towards others. He is constantly pushing Sia to be her best because he cares about her well-being, and believes that being "cruel" towards others is a way to get them to listen.

Those that do not know Darren well would say he is neglectful and even uncaring about his sister Sia. Often it may seem that he ignores her, or even belittles or patronizes her, but Darren actually adores his younger sister -- he just doesn't want his enemies to find out that she is his primary weakness.

Personal Strengths
Darren isn't easily distracted and/or influenced. He is a hard person to persuade, and Darren even has a high tolerance for pain. Another strength of Darren is that he knows how to be fair without being marciful, this has gained him a lot of respect among his peers. Darren is highly resourceful and knowledgeable. A favorite among his teachers and peers.

Personal Weaknesses
Darren feels the need to protect anything and anyone he truly cares about, AKA his sister, Sia. Sometimes that responsibility can take its tole on him -- even distract him from the main priority.

Training, recieving praise, taking naps, accomplishing missions, being alone, regal and ladylike, females showers, ;-)

Failure, incompetence, ditzy girls, being unclean, sweating, being tired

Brief History

Darren and Sia have been orphans for as long as they could remember. The head of the Kurururgi family claimed that both their parents died at different times. Their father died shortly before Sia was born because of a horrifying sickness. The Clan had casted him out to protect themselves.

Their mother has been depressed after the exile of their father. She died protecting an infant Sia when Darren was not present. She would have lived if she'd stayed where she was instead of attempting to crawl off to get help.

Once Darren had begun to get older, it was known that Darren was a prodigy from the start. His mathematical and geographical knowlege was on point by the time he reached the sixth grade. From there, he practiced many different styles of martial arts. He is near mastery now; the youngest elite ninja member ofthe Kurururgi clan. Although he has affection for his sister, Sia, he does not see her that much.

When Darren was five, there was a kidnapping attempt on him during an attack on the Clan. He does not remember much of the experience, but he was told that the reason for the attempt was that he'd inherited a sub-element from long in his ancestry. That sub-element still hasn't emerged yet, and Darren has partially forgotten and pardoned it.

Now Darren is simply attending Honors Classes at the academy. ~

*a lesser known fact about him: Darren is mildly religious. He believes in God; and that is mainly it

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Darren Kurururgi Empty Darren Kurururgi.

Post by Sia Azami. on Wed Oct 06, 2010 5:45 pm




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