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Rain Kurururgi

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Rain Kurururgi

Post by Guest on Mon Oct 04, 2010 6:19 pm


Name: Rain Kurururgi
Age: 17
Clan: Member of the Kurururgi Clan, Cousin of Sia Kurururgi.
Strength: Wind.


Hair: Smooth, Laid Back, Blonde Hair.
Eyes: Light Brown
Height: 5ft 11 1/2in
Clothes: Rain (in the pic is formal/school) wears most of his clothes in a laid back manner, he has most of his clothes also easy to move in since he does Parkour.
JUST FOR U LOVE. ^^ Very Happy

Personality: Rain is happy, cheerful, kind, at ease, and carefree in good company, also he has a loose look. Rain also does deeply care for their friends, and does whatever to do to protect them. He constantly rebels against what he's told is his "place" and is a strongly independent individual. Rain has little patience for people who seem to be bending their will or trying to confuse them. He doesn't have an extreme lust for life as well, not taking everything in with a bright outlook, but he does wish and desire one of his own with fervor. He is not as easily fooled by his enemies and is more likely to think his actions through unless angered. Also Rain can be temperamental, aggressive, and stands his ground, characteristics that had mixed in his fighting style. He can be arrogant, confident, and determined as proven in his battles. When blinded with anger, he lets go of all reason and focuses on venting his anger.
Personal Strengths: Parkour/FreeRunning, Hand to hand Combat, Street Smarts/Quick Wits,
Personal Weaknesses: His Emotions(Mostly Anger)

Likes: Clouds, Parkour, Relaxing under a tree, Rain,

Dislikes: Pain, his Past

Brief History:

Rain was born in the Kurururgi Clan as his mother died as she gave birth to him. Growing up without the care and love from a mother, became a difficult one. Rain was treated like a man every since he was born, his father didn't want his only child to be weak and helpless but strong and brave. When Rain was 11 he started to train in the ways of the clan learning about wind techniques, and also he learned parkour as it made him quick and strong. His father saw how Rain developed into becoming strong and quick just the way he wanted his son to be like, but he still trained Rain hard and no stop. At age 13 Rain still training and since he had a strict father he never made any friends. He was alone most of the time either training or trying to find a spot or just seconds to relax and calm down a bit. When Rain turned 14 his found his dad murdered at his house, when Rain got there he saw his father on the ground bleeding but he only had a few seconds to live. His last words were.."Son..Be Free.." And since that day Rain always remembered those words, even if he hadn't figured out the meaning to it. Now Rain was 14 going on to 15 without a mother or a father. Rain thought about it long and hard as he didn't know what to do now with his life. Finally Rain figured out he would make his father proud by training everyday and trying to be the best he could be for his parents. At age 15 Rain enrolled Hoshigaki High School, where he started his new life. It first started out rough, having no experience in social behavior but as time went on, Rain started to become the open more and less controlled by his emotions(except anger) as he gained friends and everything. At the age of 16 and 17 Rain started to involve himself in more clan details, as well has having his own goal as well, finding who killed his father.


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Approvemnt of Rain Kurururgi.

Post by Sia Azami. on Mon Oct 04, 2010 6:30 pm

Approved! ^^~

I love him! Very Happy
Sia Azami.

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