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Ayano Kozai

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Post by Ayano Kozai on Sat Oct 02, 2010 8:27 pm

Name: Ayano Kozai

Age: 18

Bio: Destain to summon the sword of the legendary Mage Kiyoko,The Sword Enraiha . Her father, Ghomeh Kozai is the leader of the Kozai clan, Ayano is next in line. She was also user of the crimson fire. She dosent exactly know how to use it but, some day something will happen and the Crimson fire will come in use. Another move called God's fire. Only very talented Kozai clan members may wield its powerfull magic. Her brother Kazuma is very close to her.

Apearence: (Looks like avatar)

Weakness: Anger

Strength: Fire magic.

Clan: Kozai

Other: Is very powerfull,She is often nice. Yet anger can sometimes overwhelm her.
Ayano Kozai
Ayano Kozai

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