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Dawn Nishumaru

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Dawn Nishumaru Empty Dawn Nishumaru

Post by Dawn on Mon Oct 04, 2010 4:43 am

Name: Dawn Nishumaru
Age: 15
Bio: Dawn was born to Aren and Carly Nishumaru. She was a good child, until she turned 13. She was practicing with her parents, what happened next was a blur to Dawn. The next thing she knew her parents were on the ground dead. She really didn't mourn them. Dawn was framed as the murder, but she wasn't then she was proven innocent by people of the clan. Dawn hasn't mastered her powers or even came close too.
Appearance: Dawn Nishumaru Anime_11

Dawn has black eyes, black hair, a pale skin complexion (no not as pale as the Cullens in Twilight). She wears this black dress with a bow at the top, the dress doesn't even reach her knees! She wears black boots with 3 inch heels.

Weakness: Family, Love
Strength: Fighting
Clan: Mizuno Clan

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